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   “Welcome to CapitalResortInn, a premier destination for discerning travelers and food enthusiasts. Nestled in the heart of Monaragala, our hotel and restaurant offer a truly exceptional experience that combines luxury, comfort, and exquisite dining. With a rich history spanning 05 years, we take pride in our commitment to providing personalized service, attention to detail, and creating unforgettable memories for our guests. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing getaway or a memorable culinary adventure, our dedicated team is here to ensure your stay is nothing short of extraordinary. Discover the perfect blend of sophistication and warmth at CapitalResortInn.”

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Single Rooms With A/C

Capital-Resorst-Inn-Accomadetion-5-300x92R / O – LKR 5500.00
B / B – LKR 6500.00
H / B – LKR 8500.00
F / B – LKR 10500.00

Single Rooms Without A/C


R / O – LKR 4500.00
B / B – LKR 5500.00
H / B – LKR 7500.00
F / B – LKR 9500.00

Double Rooms With A/C


R / O – LKR 6500.00
B / B – LKR 8500.00
H / B – LKR 10500.00
F / B – LKR 13500.00

Double Rooms Without A/C

Capital-Resorst-Inn-Accomadetion-4-300x94R / O – LKR 5500.00
B / B – LKR 7500.00
H / B – LKR 9500.00
F / B – LKR 12500.00

Family Rooms With A/C


R / O – LKR 7500.00
B / B – LKR 10500.00
H / B – LKR 13500.00
F / B – LKR 18500.00

Family Rooms Without A/C


R / O – LKR 6500.00
B / B – LKR 9500.00
H / B – LKR 12500.00
F / B – LKR 17500.00


Best Travel Destination From Our Hotel

ArugamBay Surfing Spot

Arugam Bay is a picturesque coastal town nestled on the pristine eastern coast of Sri Lanka, where sun-kissed beaches, world-class surfing breaks, and a relaxed tropical vibe converge to create an unforgettable destination.

Distance –  66 Km


Siyabalawa Off Road Track

Siyabalawa Off-Road Track, located in Sri Lanka, is a thrilling off-road adventure destination, perfect for adrenaline junkies and off-road enthusiasts.

Distance –  37 Km

World Famous Nine Arch Bridge


The World Famous Nine Arch Bridge in Sri Lanka is an iconic architectural marvel that captivates visitors with its stunning design and scenecic surroundings.

Distance –  80 Km

Maligawila Temple


Maligawila Temple is an ancient Buddhist temple situated in the Monaragala district of Sri Lanka. It is renowned for its colossal standing Buddha statue, which is considered one of the tallest free-standing Buddha statues in the country.

Distance –  27 Km


Yudaganawa Temple, located in Monaragala, Sri Lanka, is an ancient Buddhist temple of historical and archaeological significance. It is renowned for its rock-cut architecture and religious carvings.

Distance –  20 Km

World Famous Katharagama


Katharagama, also known as Kataragama, is a sacred pilgrimage town located in the southeastern part of Sri Lanka. It is a significant religious site for Buddhists, Hindus, and indigenous Vedda people.

Distance –  66 Km

G-lone Holiday Bungalow


G-lone Holiday Bungalow is a lodging facility located in Monaragala, Sri Lanka. It provides accommodation for tourists and visitors looking to explore the scenic beauty and attractions of the area.

Distance –  7 Km

Safary Destination

Kumana National Park

Kumana National Park, in Sri Lanka, is a mesmerizing wildlife sanctuary, teeming with diverse flora and fauna.

Distance –  70 Km

Udawalawa National Park

Udawalawa National Park, located in Sri Lanka, is a renowned wildlife reserve offering captivating encounters with elephants and other fascinating wildlife species

Distance –  110 Km

Yala National Park


Yala National Park, situated in Sri Lanka, is a premier wildlife destination, known for its rich biodiversity and iconic leopard population.

Distance –  40 Km

Hiking Destination

Maragala Mountain Hiking


Maragala Mountain in Sri Lanka is a scenic peak offering stunning views and a serene retreat for hikers and nature lovers.

Distance –  07 Km

Govindahela Mountain Hiking


Govindahela Mountain in Siyabalanduwa, Sri Lanka, is a scenic and peaceful natural landmark, perfect for nature lovers and hikers.

Distance –  35 Km

Ella Rock Mountain Hiking


Ella Rock Mountain, located in Ella, Sri Lanka, is a breathtaking peak renowned for its stunning views and hiking trails.

Distance –  60 Km

Upper Diyaluma Mountain Hiking


Upper Diyaluma is a magnificent waterfall located in the Badulla District of Sri Lanka. It is considered one of the tallest waterfalls in the country’

Distance –  50 Km

Traveling Destination

Rawana Waterfall


Rawana Waterfall, located in Sri Lanka, is a magnificent cascade that enchants visitors with its natural beauty.

Distance –  60 Km

Babarakanda Waterfall


Bambarakanda Waterfall, situated in Sri Lanka, is a majestic and captivating waterfall that leaves visitors in awe with its sheer beauty.

Distance –  85 Km

Dunhinda Waterfall


Dunhinda Waterfall, located in Sri Lanka, is a stunning and picturesque waterfall that memarizes all who visit with its graceful cascade.

Distance –  60 Km

Ella Wala Waterfall

 Ella Wala Waterfall, also known as Ella Waterfall, is a stunning natural attraction nestled in the charming town of Ella. 

Distance –  40 Km

Paraviyan Ella Waterfall

Parawiyan Ella is a beautiful natural wonder located in Sri Lanka. This enchanting waterfall captivates visitors with its breathtaking cascades and lush surroundings.

Distance –  23 Km

Diyaluma Waterfall

Diyaluma Waterfall is a stunning natural wonder located in the Badulla District of Sri Lanka. It is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country and is a popular tourist attraction.

Distance –  50 Km

Food & Beverages

                           Indulge your taste buds with the exquisite culinary offerings at CapitalResortInn’s Food & Beverage outlets. Our skilled chefs artfully prepare a diverse range of delectable dishes, using the finest locally sourced ingredients to ensure a memorable dining experience. From gourmet creations that blend international flavors with local influences to comforting classics that evoke a sense of nostalgia, our menu caters to all palates. Complement your meal with a carefully curated selection of beverages, including handcrafted cocktails, premium wines, and refreshing non-alcoholic options. Whether you’re dining at our elegant restaurant, savoring a meal in the comfort of your room, or enjoying a drink at our cozy bar, our Food & Beverage offerings are designed to tantalize your senses and leave you craving for more.

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04. Platinum Dish

05. Golden Dish

06. Pearl Dish


  • Wedding Events

                    “Capture the magic of unforgettable wedding moments at Capital Resort Inn. Browse through our Wedding Events Gallery to witness the beauty and romance that unfolds against the backdrop of our stunning resort. From elegant ceremonies on the beach to exquisite receptions in our grand ballroom, these images showcase the joy, love, and attention to detail that make every wedding at our resort truly special.”
















  • BBQ Party Events


                  “Indulge in the sizzling flavors and vibrant atmosphere of our BBQ Party Events at Capital Resort Inn. Explore our gallery to see the mouthwatering dishes, lively gatherings, and lively ambiance that define our BBQ parties. From perfectly grilled meats and seafood to delectable sides and desserts, these images will make your taste buds tingle and ignite your desire to join us for a memorable BBQ experience.”
















  • Pool Party Events


                “Dive into the excitement and energy of our Pool Party Events at Capital Resort Inn. Immerse yourself in our gallery to witness the splashes of laughter, the vibrant poolside ambiance, and the ultimate fun under the sun. From refreshing cocktails by the pool to thrilling water activities and live entertainment, these images capture the spirit of our unforgettable pool parties. Join us and make a splash at our next poolside extravaganza.”
















  • Birthday Party Events

                           “Experience the joy and celebration of unforgettable birthday parties at Capital Resort Inn. Explore our Birthday Party Events Gallery and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere and special moments that make birthdays truly memorable. From themed decorations and delicious cakes to fun activities and smiling faces, these images capture the excitement and happiness shared by guests of all ages. Whether it’s a milestone birthday or a small gathering, our resort provides the perfect backdrop for creating lasting memories. Join us in celebrating life’s special moments at Capital Resort Inn.”
















Customer Reviews

“Our family had a fantastic experience at Capital Resort Inn. The staff went above and beyond to make our stay memorable. The rooms were spacious, beautifully decorated, and had stunning views. The resort’s amenities, including the pool and spa, were top-notch. We especially loved the delicious meals at the on-site restaurant. We highly recommend Capital Resort Inn for a truly luxurious and relaxing getaway.”

Mr. Thiwanka Dilshan

“We recently hosted a corporate retreat at Capital Resort Inn, and it exceeded all our expectations. The resort’s state-of-the-art conference facilities, coupled with the serene surroundings, provided the ideal environment for productive meetings and team-building activities. The staff was professional, accommodating, and ensured that every detail was taken care of. Our team left feeling inspired and rejuvenated. We highly recommend Capital Resort Inn for both business and leisure stays.”

John Smith

සති අන්ත නිවාඩුවට හො ව්යාපාරික අවශ්යතා වෙනුවෙන් කොළඹින් පිට නවාතැන් සොයන කෙනෙකුට මොණරාගල Capital Resort Inn හොඳම තෝරාගැනීමක්.
ඔවුන්ගේ සේවාවන් ගැන නොලිව්වොත් ඒක ඇත්තටම අසාධාරණයි. එ වගේම ඒ සේවාවට ඔවුන්ගේ ගාස්තු ඉතාම සාධාරණයි.
විශේෂයෙන්ම දුරකථන ඇමතුමේ ඉඳලාම ඔවුන්ගෙ ආචාරශිලිත්වය , වෘත්තීමය නිපුනත්වය ඔවුන් පෙන්වන්න සමත් කිව්වොත් නිවැරදියි. කලමනාකාරතුමා චමින්ද මහතා ඇතුලු Front Desk කාර්ය මණ්ඩලය , කාමර වල සියලු සේවක මහතුන් සහ මුළුතැන්ගෙයි සේවක මණ්ඩලය මෙන්ම ආරක්ෂක නිළධාරීතුමන් ඇතුලු සියලු දෙනාම ඉතාම ඉහල සේවයක් සපයනවා.
ඒ සේවය එක දවසකට නවතින කෙනෙක් තව දවසක් නවතින තැනටම නිරායාසයෙන් පත් කිරීමට සමත් ඉතාම විශිෂ්ට සේවයක් ඔවුන් සපයනවා.
කාලෙකින් දැකපු ඉතා හොද Manager කෙනෙක් Mr.Chaminda සහ ඔහු යටතේ හැදෙන එතෙක් මෙතෙක් හම්බුන හොඳම Room Service දෙන කොල්ලෙක් තමයි අචින්ත. Hats off 👌
ගිහින් නතර වෙලාම බලන්න ….
Classy Service with home feeling . Really Amazed with their Hospitality. It was unexpected and unforgettable
Ruwani & Roshan

“Capital Resort Inn”

Bibila Road, Monaragala, Sri Lanka

055 4 938 937

077 61 66 222